Lucid Dreaming 101



There is a very simple technique that can bring about immediate results in the creation of your dreams, and it involves the power of your imagination combined with a certain amount of preparation.  It is important that you train the mind to do as you wish.  I like to say that the mind is a good slave but a poor master.  The mind operates best with structure, and in order to take control of your dreams you will have to begin keeping a dream journal.  Set a date that you will start, and have a notebook and pen on hand.  Every morning write down whatever you can recall, be it just a feeling, bits and pieces of a dream or an entire saga.  This tells the mind that you expect to remember your dreams, and it will be eager to please you.  Within a couple of weeks at the most you will discover that your dream recall has increased dramatically. 

Now, the key to ‘waking up’ in your dreams lies in actually creating your dream environment.  Every night as you prepare for sleep, pretend you are in a place of your making.  You can construct a place in your mind by imagining, for instance, sitting in a comfortable chair and visualizing everything around you from the floor (Carpet or hardwood? Tile or stone? What color?  If you are barefooted, imagine how it feels on the soles of your feet.), to furniture (Plush or wicker?  Leather or fabric?  Is it a couch, loveseat, recliner or lawn chairs and beanbags?  Try to give it as much life as possible.) to decorations, fireplace, windows, ect.  Go about the room in your imagination and begin to visualize it in a 360 degree perspective.  Don’t worry if you fall asleep doing this and don’t remember anything.  You’re training your mind to do your bidding.  It all boils down to how strong-willed your mind is, and how easy it is to make it surrender to you.  If you find this way distracting, you can pretend you are in one of the rooms of your own house.  Imagine being in the middle of the room and try to fill in as much detail as you can.  This can be an ongoing exercise.  Don’t be alarmed (though most people are) if you suddenly find yourself ‘Here” in the place of your imagination.  With a little more work you will be able to successfully leave your body in sleep and travel wherever you wish. 

Another simple trick is to tell yourself just before going off to sleep “I will remember my dreams in the morning” or “I will wake up in my dreams tonight” or whatever postulate you can think of.  Give the mind commands and it will eventually obey them.  The mind, unchecked, is no better than a monkey flying about in a cage, but just like a child, it thrives under strict but fair supervision.  Give yourself postulates before sleep each night and soon the mind will be excited to work for you.  If you wish to wake up in your dreams, set yourself up for that by telling your consciousness this is what you expect.  Again, depending on how stubborn your mind can be (if it’s been in control for a long time you will have to assert yourself.  It has no choice but to obey if you are determined.) 

Yet another way to either become cognizant of and in your dreams and/or being able to leave your physical body is to lie on your back in your bed, being as relaxed as you can be.  Listen very carefully to every sound; identify them.  You will soon be able to hear a very high-pitched electronic hum that seems to come from within you.  This is what I call the Sound of Silence.  It is literally the primary vibration of the inner worlds.  Some people hear a deep HUM, some hear chimes, or a single flute note, but pretty much everyone can find the high-pitched tone.  Put your attention lightly on that sound and soon your mind will turn all the outer sounds into ‘white noise’ and all you will hear is the Sound of Silence.  It may take a few nights to master this, but if you persist it will become easier and easier.  Once you can identify and ‘latch onto’ the pitch, practice using your imagination to create an environment or a familiar place, or being with a certain person even, and it will happen.  Again, don’t be afraid.  It’s normal to get freaked out at first, but if you stick with it you’ll soon be flying around dreaming whatever you want to dream of, and if you’re diligent you will be able to actually leave your physical body and see it lying on your bed while you float above it. 

The key to all these techniques is to teach the mind to do your bidding.  Repetition, practice, and determination are your tools.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  If you find yourself in a place where you don’t feel comfortable or in control, you can always call my name and I’ll be right there to help out.  We all have the potential to do these things.  As children it was as natural to us as smiling.  The demands of so many rules and laws piled one on top of the other in our growing years pushed much of these abilities deep within.  You can restore that sense of childlike wonder and awe with just a little effort.

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