What To Do In The Dark When You’re Bored

What To Do In The Dark When You're Bored

Open Letter to the People of the World


People of the world,

We are on the brink of another global conflict, perilously teetering on the edge of a precipice in which there will be no return. There is so much hate, so much malice among races and nations, combined with weapons designed to kill millions, that destruction and death seems an inevitability. Humanity is becoming irrelevant, and I weep for all the innocent lives that will be lost for nothing.

I am an American. There was a time in our storied history when we represented freedom, opportunity and sanctuary. Those times are now slipping away rapidly, and if that happens our nation will go the way of so many other empires known only now in history lessons. Scholars in future generations (if the human race survives itself) will debate the reasons why the United States crumbled and failed, but the truth is that we will have strayed away from the principles of our original constitution, that we forgot our nation was at one time sanctified by God, that we stopped being responsible for ourselves and began blaming others for our failures, and that we became enslaved by our own government because we allowed it to be. That, my fellow inhabitants of the world, is the reason for the mess we are in. We allowed it.

At this time, approximately half of our population is dependant on the government for sustenance, whether it be disability, food stamps, unemployment payments, welfare or other programs. The poor and indigent are enslaved by the system, smothered by medical debt and a lack of adequate wages. The middle class is almost non-existent, shackled by taxes, a severely depressed economy and runaway inflation. The dollar is being devalued every day, and our nation is literally owned by countries who desire our destruction. We have allowed it. Our cities go bankrupt, our industry abandons us, our political system is impotent and corrupt, our morals and values have descended into depravity, our church attendance is declining, our children’s children have forgotten how to look each other in the eye and our laws have become so cumbersome that the engine of justice just spins in place like a hamster wheel. And we allowed it.

My country, like yours, is filled with good, honest people who struggle and love and strive and hope and cry and dream and laugh and care. In essence, we are more like you than not. I am sure that your newspapers and TV stations and websites are rumbling against the United States, labeling us as imperialistic, militaristic, expansionist and even downright evil. If our elected leader and his incompetent advisors push the world into armed conflict, please remember that even though we allowed circumstances to come to this, it is due to the majority’s blatant sense of entitlement and widespread ignorance. Please try to understand that the rest of us are frantically trying to educate and emancipate them. It is not easy.

Despite the stupidity and ineptitude displayed by our government, the essence of America – indeed, the very core of our being – is rooted in freedom and patriotism and pragmatism and fairness and tolerance and respect and self reliance. Remember these things about us, if you can, during the next few days, weeks and months. Do not doubt, though, that if your nation decides to wage war against us, we will fight with ferociousness and determination, and your country will regret its decision, this I assure you. But I do not come here to threaten or boast. I want you to know, and it is important for you to understand this, that the vast majority of Americans do NOT want our government to interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations, politically or militarily. We allowed these jerks to come into office, but we did NOT put them there to practice oppression here or abroad. One of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I ask you fellow citizens of the world to give us a chance to make things right within our own government. I know that you will probably think it is too late, and it may be, but we still have patriots, we still have brave men and women who are willing to give their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring the United States of America back to its foundation of ensuring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all, and to take it forward as a shining example of true democracy for all. Allow us to let freedom ring once again.

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