Christian Haiku 3


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Boy, do I have a great idea for a TV series!


Actually, it’s more than an idea. It has come alive in the pilot episode I’ve just written, and it continues to thrive in the subsequent episodes I’ve completed. This TV show will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I was going to compare it to M*A*S*H*, Lost and The Walking Dead, but realized I’d only be putting it in a box. This TV show will literally rock not only the television world, but the world at large. It will cause children to have new fantasies and aspirations. It will cause the hopeless to have renewed hope. It will make criminals confess their crimes, will end war, will lead to new cures for ageless diseases and will elevate human consciousness. I am so excited about this TV series, it is the second thing I think of every morning and the next to the last thing I think of every night. I turn to the screenwriting program every day like a passionate lover. I can scarcely contain myself.


But I can’t talk to anyone else about it other than my cousin Dana LisenBee in Davenport, Iowa. He planted the seed of this idea; he takes what I have written and points me to new and unexplored heights of creativity. My cousin is in many respects my muse. When I accept the plethora of awards for this TV show, his name will be prominent and repeated. Dana’s great-great-great grandchildren will tell their school friends that they are related to him. I like to brag that I’m related to him. Yes, I may be writing this life-altering saga, but I wouldn’t have had it not been for him. I am the pen. He is the ink.


Would you like to know what this incredible TV show is about? I’m sure you would. Unfortunately I can’t share this with you unless you are a literary agent. If a man finds a giant diamond mine buried just under his unfenced back yard, does he go around the neighborhood bragging about it to everyone who would listen, or would he immediately get an attorney, an accountant and a 30 foot tall fence with top notch security?


If you read this and have a friend who is a literary agent, tell them to contact me pronto. I want to get this life-altering series out to the public as soon as possible. There won’t be competing networks, because the first one who hears the pitch and gets its hands on the pilot episode will not only offer me an amount that will bring financial security to generations of both my cousin and I, the network will immediately get the very best of every aspect of production and promotion and make them sign nondisclosure statements until the show airs. Any leaked word will bring a mad rush among the other networks to create their own version of this idea, and though they will all fail when my TV show goes online, it will cause such instability in the television industry that many competitors will be forced to close their doors. I love competition. It’s like being able to compare silk to sandpaper.


Boy oh boy have I got a great idea! Literary agents: act fast or lose out!


Faithful, constant reader, I have not forgotten you. Thank you so very much for your continued patience as I transition into this new and exciting phase of my life. I give all praise to my Lord Jesus Christ. He is the first thing I think of every morning, and the last thing I think of every night.


There is a literary agent reading this right now whose life will be forever changed very soon. She or he is only an email away from having dreams come true.


Do I have an idea!!!