quiet time 7/23/22

Moving at the Speed of Love

"O Lord, how do I overcome my pride?"He looked to Heaven and held His arms out to the side.

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quiet time 7/19/22

Moving at the Speed of Love

Lord, I’m tired of doctors sticking labels on me
Like a Venn diagram of disaster.
Here is my mini pharmacy on the shelf:
This for that and that for this, and by the way
Some more because of the side effects.
Death threats disguised as diagnoses.
Heal me, Father! Touch me, Jesus!
Rescue me from this failing body!
Make me whole! Do you believe your Father, or the world? The Kingdom you reside is not the flesh, And you possess the blessings I’ve unfurled, So open up your eyes and look afresh. Rejoice in your affliction for it brought You to this place of need so you can see The multitude of gifts that Spirit wrought, When you fell on your knees with faith in Me. With wisdom, understanding and of might, The power I gave Christ who dwells in you, As you now dwell in Him now walk in…

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quiet time 7-12-22

Moving at the Speed of Love

quiet time 7/12/22

(I JOHN 5:20 - Little children, keep yourselves from idols.)

Lord, what are You telling me here?

Abide in Me, My child, the Way is straight,
And do not be distracted by the waves.
The enemy would seek to agitate,
With idols so designed to sire slaves.
Such simple things as random idle thought
Can pull you from the union we enjoy.
Take captive every introspective jot,
Discarding all that seeks to steal your joy.
Keep focused on the love I have for you.
Remember I affirmed you from the start,
And as My child, all Spirit’s gifts are true.
You’re always in My thoughts and in My heart.
	Whatever draws your gaze away from Me
	Are nothing more than idols and debris.

Lord, how do I apply this in my life? I’ve given you an arsenal to wield Against the wily plans that Satan plies. The…

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quiet time 7/9/22

Moving at the Speed of Love

Quiet Time 7/9/22

(DEUTERONOMY 31:8 - And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.)

Sometimes I feel so alone, Adrift in an ocean of helplessness. My enemies encircle me like sharks, Patiently waiting for me to fall. I am hedged in on all sides And I see no escape. Even though Your presence isn’t felt In these moments of despair, You are with me Incessantly whispering love Into my weary soul. You, O Lord, are my one Beloved; Your promises are true And unfailing. If in fear I don’t sense You It is I that has become numbed By the troubles of this world. But when I cry out to You, Here You are. I forget. You never do. Dismay is transient. You, Lord, are not. Lead me…

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