Books by Jay T Harding

devotions book cover

Devotions for the Child of God: A Year of Sonnetized Scriptures is austere in form but powerful in substance. This perennial daily devotional is designed with scripture, prayer and a sonnet specifically crafted to help the reader better understand a verse from the Holy Bible each day of the year. It will be a favorite for both the newly saved as well as serious Biblical scholars.

Sonnets in the Key of Christ Cover

 This is more than a book. It is poetry for and about Christians in the name and love of Christ; ‘Sonnets in the Key of Christ’ is rapturous, intimate, bold in the Word and filled to overflowing with guidance from the Holy Spirit. Half of the poems are sonnets, fourteen lines long, structured in the  Shakespearean rhyme scheme, the others an eclectic mix of poetic styles. Every poem of ‘Sonnets in the Key of Christ’ is accompanied with a verse of scripture from the Bible designed to glorify and magnify  Christ and God. The book is filled with love, compassion and understanding and will sometimes speak directly to you as you go through the trials and victories of your life. ‘Sonnets in the Key of Christ (and other scriptural devotions)’ speaks of faith and love and praise and surrender and over one hundred other topics spanning the entire spectrum of Christian life. Whether you are newly born in Jesus’ name or have been a child of God for years, you will enjoy reading it. It is available from Amazon, then will migrate to brick and mortar stores as demand dictates. ‘Sonnets in the Key of Christ (and other scriptural devotions)’ is about God’s love, about prayer, about doubt and assurance, about your relationship with Christ and about salvation.

Spirituality 101 is a collection of newspaper articles, essays and blog posts specifically designed to not only tickle your funny bone, but hold it down and tickle it until it begs to stop. Come explore Jay T Harding’s more ‘primitive’ and earthy observations done with irony and wit.

Numbah Tree: A collection of Rumiesque poetry and a variety of short stories drawn from Jay T Harding’s unique perspective.

OOBERS Kalamazoo

OOBERS: Kalamazoo is not for the faint of heart. It is the first horror book to issue a warning label, and had the publisher agreed, a vomit bag as well. Jay T Harding explores the phenomena of out-of-body experiences (OOBE) in a very disturbing and demonic context. If you like extreme horror, if you are drawn to the depraved, you will eat up OOBERS: Kalamazoo.line4_clouds2

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