A Great Idea


Every time I turn on the news all I hear about is the left complaining about how President Trump is going to implement a mass deportation of ‘undocumented workers’, ripping children from their mothers’ arms, throwing maids and migrant workers and taxi drivers and landscapers and beef packing plant workers back over the border, sending grandmothers packing, yanking kids from progressive learning institutions and forcing them to finish their educations in substandard Mexican schools. There are those who are teaching ‘dreamers’ how to avoid immigration agents by not ever answering their doors. This, by the way, does not bode well for UPS drivers and American Clearinghouse Sweepstake workers. In other words, the left won’t be happy until we just leave illegal aliens alone. Even more so, the left would like nothing less than open our doors wide open to all our southern neighbors. All this good will gave me an idea.

Perhaps someone reading this article will have the courage to find out where one of these progressives live. Chances are he’ll have a nice, big privacy fence around his property. Find a nice, big family of illegal aliens and have them climb over his fence one fine night, pitch a tent, hook up to his electricity, cable and water and settle in. Before the Liberal wakes up that morning, make sure you convince the interlopers to go to the local ER to get the scrapes and bruises they got while climbing over his fence looked at, and then have the hospital bill the homeowner. When the pro-amnesty fellow looks out his window and finds a family squatting in his back yard, he’ll no doubt run outside and demand they leave the premises. This is where you step up as their advocate and explain that they are merely undocumented neighbors. Remind him that you are demanding the same rights for this family that he wants for all the other undocumented people in the country. Hopefully you’ll force him to say that they’re on his property illegally. Hopefully you’ll make him call the authorities. Hopefully you’ll get it all on tape.

Wouldn’t it be great if this started a movement? Why, we could potentially solve the illegal alien problem! Unfortunately there aren’t that many liberals to go around. They’ll have to allow another seven or eight families to move in with them. Perhaps we could get the President to issue an Executive Order…

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  1. dana lisenbee says:

    One can’t help but laugh, Considering that the conservatives Were the original Invaders of this land And now to hear them complaining about What was an original component of the indigenous population on this continent migrating North is as I said humorous. So if we look at what you presented as a template and shift that template back 200 years on a timelin…e then Who’s who in the zoo?….Or maybe if the Indians that were here first by the way had had Humvees and Apache helicopters and M16 they could have met the pilgrims at the shoreline and blow them out of the water all the while saying fuck off this is our land go away.But that’s not what happened is it What did happen was systematic genocide.And then When they realized they had killed off they’re available labor pool These courageous conservatives decided to import laborers from Africa…Well I guess Import is a bit of a pass isn’t it, it was more like abduct, rape, Murder and force into submission.And by the way did any of the African people show up on this continent with anything more than a bill of sale as far as documentation?Looks like a whole bunch more illegals for Donnie to get rid of And what’s going to happen when all the lutherans or methodists or Mormons or Buddhist and up behind the same barbed wire Encampment that he’s trying to put the Mexicans in the Muslims in?

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